Ramifications Of E-Z Serve Shutdown

At least 100 Mississippians are out of work after the E-Z Serve convenience stores on the Coast, and across the state, shut down. The parent company, the Swifty Serve Corporation based in North Carolina, has declared bankruptcy. The announcement came Friday.

Grady Ford, who sold wholesale gasoline for many years, says he was not surprised by the shutdown.

"I think it is a victim of the 90's, the economy was good, everybody was making money, they grew and expanded," Ford said.

He also wasn't surprised by the suddenness of the shutdown.

"You get to a point where suppliers cut you off, and you are out of business and that can happen overnight."

Although the E-Z Serve stores are now closed, and that means less competition for your dollar, Ford says that should have no impact on the price you pay for gasoline at the pump.

"That's not enough volume to affect the market at all, only inconvenience will be you will drive a few extra blocks to get gasoline, it won't affect the supply or the demand," says Ford.

Ford estimates there are probably as many as 1,200 places that sell gasoline on the coast, and the number used to be even higher. He thinks some of E-Z Serve's better locations, might be bought and re-opened by another convenience store company.