Henderson Pt. slow to recover from Katrina

By Al Showers - bio | email

HENDERSON POINT, MS (WLOX) - The quaint little community of Henderson Point in west Harrison County is still feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina. In fact, in many areas, it still looks exactly as it did the day after the storm.

It took Carolyn Gedrich nearly three and a half years to have her new home built. Eight days ago, she and her family were finally able to move in.

"Getting back into this home was difficult. We ran into a lot of things. Contractors were not trustworthy," Gedrich recalled. "We're excited to be in it. It's not the home we had, but that's okay We're fortunate enough, we do have one. Some people still don't."

Gedrich said her personal recovery is moving at a snail's pace, and so is the rest of the community. Only a couple of her closest neighbors have rebuilt their homes.

"We had a close knit neighborhood here. A lot of them are not going to return."

The reason she and others say, won't surprise anyone.

"The main thing is the insurance cost. Because we are surrounded by water, to get the elevation and the insurance, it's just very difficult," Gedrich said.

"They're worried about another storm," fellow Henderson Point resident Charles Logan said. "A lot of people are scared they are going to invest in property that's going to lose value again."

Gedrich and Logan say post-Katrina, Henderson Point has been neglected.

"The debris is still there. Some of the owners of the property have been sent letters to clean it off. We have all these dead trees. We don't have any gas lines, natural gas running anywhere," Gedrich said.

"Maybe there's not enough people back here to make enough noise. This used to be a really nice neighborhood," Logan said.

"I'm hoping the county, or the supervisors, or whatever, get together and come up with a more concrete plan as to what they're going to do with the area," Gedrich said.

She says until that happens, Henderson Point will never bounce back.

One of the residents WLOX News spoke with said annexation by neighboring Pass Christian may help speed up recovery in the community. But it's an idea that didn't get much support from Henderson Point residents prior to the storm.