Supervisor questions board's spending on recreation

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - "It is a luxury not a necessity."

Building new splash pads and an eight court tennis complex is a waste of money if you ask Jackson County Supervisor Tommy Brodnax.

"It is too much of an expenditure," Brodnax said.

Three splash pads add up to about $416,000, and the tennis court is another $204,000.

"I guess we're going to build a ferris wheel or merry-go-rounds. Ya know, we are supposedly in an economic downturn," Brodnax said.

Brodnax believes tax dollars should be spent on more important things like improving infrastructure and roads.

"There is a great need right now for building replacement and justice court judge offices."

"I think there are two sides to this argument," Board President Manly Barton said.

Barton says he doesn't see a problem with spending money on recreation.

"The money is not just for a splash pad, but things that fall into the quality of life category. And it will give families more things to do here than somewhere else."

Tasha Thompson welcomes any park upgrades. As a mother, Thompson understands times are tough right now, but she says money shouldn't be an object when you are helping kids.

"The babies deserve it, and if they are willing to do it let them do it," Thompson said.

Supervisor Brodnax says a study should be done to assess the need for recreational activities in the county before spending more money. The new recreational equipment will be put in parks in Moss Point, Vancleave, St. Martin and St. Andrews by this summer.