Diamondhead,days from incorporation hearing

By Danielle Thomas - bio | email

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - In a matter of days supporters and opponents of incorporating Diamondhead into a city will get a chance to make their case to a chancery court judge. A hearing is set for Friday morning.

Bob Terry lives on a Hancock County road that under the jurisdiction of the sheriff's department, but he believes it will take the formation of a Diamondhead Police Department to slow down drivers along Golf Club Drive.

"It's almost like a speed road where they drag race and whatever out here. So I'd like to see them slow down a little bit here," said Terry.

Some Diamondhead residents say they're hoping a chancery court ruling will favor incorporation.

Diamondhead resident Ed Smith said, "We'd get to keep our own tax money. We're the biggest population in the county, and it's just time. We need it. "

"It's that we've gotten so big until we're down to the point that we really need to be an incorporated city," said Elodie Smith.

I think we need a police department. The monies that are going into the county now, I think could come into Diamondhead.

Not all Diamondhead residents are eager for city living. They believe incorporation will create more problems than solutions."

"At this point I'm not really for it. I see it as just another layer of government," Patty Hourin said. "We already have one that's not always efficient, and we'll probably end up with two that are not very efficient."

WLOX has learned that an interim mayor and council have been appointed in Diamondhead. Prospective Interim Mayor Chuck Ingram says right now the group doesn't have any authority, but it must be in place should the judge's ruling favor incorporation.

If that happens, Ingram says he and the council would govern temporarily until an election could be held.