Thrift stores thrive in tough times

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Quality clothes for a cheap price is the motto at King's Daughters Thrift Shop in Ocean Springs.

"A nice pair of pants here will cost you a dollar or two dollars, where as a retailer, you're looking at anywhere from $20 to $40," manager Liz Pace said.

Pace says the unbeatable bargains are attracting twice as many customers to her store.  Frequent shopper Kandice Holland says she makes a trip every week for the savings.

"With the hard times and money and everything, people are trying to cut back as much as they can. Clothing is one of the more expensive things," Holland said.

Cash registers are ringing a whole lot more at America's Thrift Store.

"We have not had any layoffs or anything. We are constantly hiring people," store manager Dianne Kinzer said.

Kinzer also believes the upswing in business is due to the weak economy. In fact, she says about 600 people walk through her doors every day looking for a deal.

"We have seen an increase in the variety of everyone. And it is affordable items to each and every person."

The Ocean Springs store is definitely not lacking merchandise. Employees say donations have been rolling in daily, and are up by at least 50 percent over 2007.

"It keeps us in business, the more donations we get. And it is a tax write off to people who donate to us," Kinzer said.

Both thrift store managers want the economy to grow stronger in the New Year, but hope their new customers will keep coming back for bargain buys.