Wrecked cars a sobering reminder to drivers

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - They're catching the eyes of many drivers on Highway 90 in Ocean Springs.

"I was like wow that is amazing," driver Van Garrard said.

All this month, two cars have been sitting, smashed and twisted, in the median. Police Captain William Jackson says each damaged vehicle shows people the dangerous consequences of drinking and getting behind the wheel.

"A lot of times people react better to visual stimulation than to people talking to them, especially if they feel like they are being preached to," Captain Jackson said.

It definitely made driver Van Garrard want to buckle up.

"It is a good sign. When a car looks like it has been peeled open, someone needs to be paying attention," Garrard said.

Captain Jackson says you would be surprised how many people don't pay attention, drive recklessly or drink and drive. In December, there were nearly 20 DUI arrests and dozens of no seat belt tickets handed out in the city.

"You are responsible once you get behind a vehicle and start operating it. You have to understand there are other people on the road."

The wrecked car is not meant to be a scare tactic. Instead, Ocean Springs Police simply want people to more cautious on the road and, hopefully, save a life.

"If I can come out here and not work a single DUI, or write a single seat belt ticket, I feel like I have accomplished a lot," Captain Jackson said.

Police also say to expect safety checkpoints and extra patrols this New Year's holiday.