Hurricane Lili Takes Her Toll On Coast Beaches

Hurricane Lili left plenty of reminders along Highway 90 in Harrison County. Sand still covers parts of the Highway. The water and sand also caused some minor traffic delays, especially in Biloxi.

Around 8:00 o'clock Thursday morning, police set up barricades blocking off Highway 90 from Rodenburg Avenue to Miramar. That's because that stretch looked like a lake, making it impassable. Police had to divert traffic north to Irish Hill Drive.

The flood-waters finally receded Thursday afternoon, and police re-opened the highway around 2:00 o'clock.

Meanwhile, strong winds blew sand everywhere and left piles of sand sitting along parts of Highway 90 in Gulfport, Long Beach and Pass Christian. Crews from the Sand Beach and State Transportation Departments used heavy equipment to clear away as much sand as possible to reduce the risk to drivers.

"If you're driving down 90 and you run into a segment of sand, it kinda grabs your wheel just like a large puddle of water might, so we're just trying to take some precautionary steps to make is as safe as we can," Sand Beach Director Bobby Weaver said.

Weaver is asking drivers to be patient, because he says it'll take about a week, to remove all the sand from the Highway and parking bays.

Just so you know, during Tropical Storm Isidore last week, the beach in Harrison County lost about 88-thousand cubic yards of sand. Weaver says he'll have to study the beach again, to determine how bad the erosion is this time.