Coast pets blessed at special ceremony

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Some four-legged friends received a special blessing Tuesday in Gulfport. The Humane Society of South Mississippi hosted its first "Blessing of Pets and Celebration of Life" service.

The Reverend Susan Carney of Ocean Springs, who calls herself the "Pet Priest," blessed dozens of dogs, cats, rabbits and even a couple of rats. The prayer service was held in memory of pets that have died, and to give thanks for animals that enrich our lives.

"There are a lot of animals that come and go through the shelter here, and it's really important to all the staff here and to the public that we recognize that we have the ability to save some and not the ability to save all, but that each one of those lives is honored," Humane Society Interim Director Ellen Buntyn said.

Veterinarians and people who protect and provide shelter to animals were also honored at the ceremony.