Moss Point woman loses everything for the second time

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

MOSS POINT (WLOX) - "It's really unreal and I don't really think it's settled all in yet," said Jennifer Grimsley.

This weekend she was enjoying the holidays with her three sons away from home.  Monday, she found her own house reduced to cinders.  Tuesday, she took WLOX along for her first look inside.

"It was horrible. I haven't told the kids yet. So I don't know what I'm going to tell them that they lost all their stuff," she said.  "So I'm not really sure how to tell them or what to say to them."

Grimsley is no stranger to losing her home.  She's owned it since 2003, and had just finished renovating in 2005.  She and her sons were upstairs three and a half years ago when they watched Katrina fill the rest of their house with water.  This time around, even that upstairs is gone.

"It seems a little harder because everything is gone this time," she said.

Grimsley says she has no idea what could have caused the fire.  Officials are still investigating, but there's no question about one thing.  There was no saving this home.

"Usually if we're called in time, we can pretty much save the structure," said Moss Point Fire Inspector Robert Lavinghouse.  "But this right here, it seemed like it had been burning way too long."

Lavinghouse said by the time firefighters arrived, the only thing left to do was to protect everything around the burning Anna Street home.

Grimsley showed WLOX around what was left of the home, and shared some fond memories of living there.

"Right here was my game room. And that's where my boys always played pool at. And my brothers would come in and play," she said, pointing to a mound of ashes.

Then she pointed out her favorite place.

"My big beautiful living room," she said.  "That the family always come in and stuff."

The stuff of life maybe gone, but Grimsley knows she and her three boys will be okay.

"I've done it- this is my second time, I did it the first time so I'm sure I can do it again," she said with resolve.