Harbors Spared From Much Of Lili's Wrath

The worst of Hurricane Lili was over. Flood waters in the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor were slowly going down. It was time for McElroy's Harbor House Restaurant to put its dining room back together.

"This time we moved everything out. And thank God we didn't have any problems," said restaurant owner Mickey McElroy.

During last week's tropical storm, the McElroys' left their tables and chairs in the restaurant. A foot of water leaked into the building, closing the store for an additional four days. So when Lili approached, the family took no chances. "You never can tell," McElroy said. "You just have to keep your eyes on them and watch them and sweat them out. And thank the lord we're still here."

The harbor outside McElroy's had water covering its docks. So did Biloxi's Point Cadet Marina. That's where Dennis Omundson normally docks his boat.

After Lili came ashore, Omundson was driving around town, looking at Biloxi's harbors. "I take a lot of pictures," said Omundson. "So I came just to do some photography. And to see how our dock was down there. And it looks like it held up pretty well, even though it's flooded."

Frankie Duggan is the Biloxi Port Commission's director. "Luckily we got all the boats out. And no boat could pull on the piling or the pier and tear it up any worse," Duggan said. "So I think we're going to fair all right."

Duggan said he'll let boats return to their Biloxi docks once the docks can be seen again.