Off The Air with Carrie Duncan

Carrie Duncan is the newest addition to the WLOX News weather team working along side Mike Reader & Tommy Richards. recently distracted her from studying the weather for south Mississippi long enough to ask her a bunch of random questions for your reading pleasure in a feature we call Off The Air

What three TV shows did you like when you were growing up?
CD: The Cosby Show. The 25 Thousand Dollar Pyramid. I know that's a game show, but whatever. I loved it. I also loved the Smurfs . So it was a range between cartoon, family, and game shows.

If you were on a reality show which one would you most likely win: Millionaire, Fear Factor, Survivor, or American Idol?
CD: (Laughs) Not American Idol! I would not do Fear Factor because I would not eat that stuff they make you eat. I don't know if I would win Survivor. Actually, the one I'd win is the Amazing Race , and I would do it with my best friend Alison. We tried to enter that, but we were a day late.

Have you ever had a nickname?
CD: When haven't I? I'm the youngest of four girls so everybody calls me "Little Duncan," "Care Bear," "Punkin' Duncan," My nieces call me "CC" for "Crazy Carrie."

Which weather related song is your favorite? A) Get Off My Cloud B) Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head or C) Rainy Days and Mondays?
CD: The first one I've never heard of. I like the song Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head, but I think the third one is my favorite. I love the Carpenters. Rainy Days and Mondays . I love it.

Where's the most interesting place you've been?
CD: Lake Tahoe because it's my favorite place. It piqued my interest because it's my favorite place in the world. I want to be cremated, and that's where I want my ashes spread as of right now.

Would you rather water ski or snow ski?
CD: Seeing that I've only had one lesson of snow skiing and I fell over and could barely get back up with the skis on, I would probably say water skiing just because I'm better at it.

Would you ever skydive?
CD: Oh, yea! Definitely. I've been trying to get news people to sponsor me on that for a while but it's a liability so they won't do it.

What was the last CD you bought?
CD: I always buy them used because I can get more for less. I think I bought a soundtrack. I like soundtracks because they give a whole mix of music. I think it was The Sound of Music. Then I got Now That's Music volumes 6 & 7. I like all kinds of music.

Do you ever sing in the car?
CD: Yea, all the time.

Do you ever pretend like you're not singing when cars are passing?
CD: Yes. Only because I'm on TV. People who knew me growing up in my hometown used to be like "I saw you singing in the car the other day." So, I realized now I should probably mellow out a little bit. But I surf the stations until I find one I know so I can sing, and move, and dance.

And drive.
 CD: Of course. (Laughs) Do you remember that song "Ditty?" (She sings part of "Ditty" by Paperboys). That song came on the radio and I called one of my best friends from high school and I said "Do you hear this song?!" And the chorus popped in just then, and I started singing it, and she was like, "Ahhhh!" screaming, and we had the best nostalgic time! It was great. It's amazing what music can do to you. I love music.

When was the last time you were creative?
CD: Quilting - I haven't been able to do in a while. I would say I was creative this weekend. I had to improvise with the curtains that I just got to put in my apartment. I had to sew them together and fix 'em up to where they looked nice and girly.

What's your favorite movie love scene?
CD: The scene at the end of "Overboard" with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. He's got all five of his little boys there. They're talking about how they're happy to be together and he's thinking about Christmas. He says to her "What could I possibly give you that you don't already have?" and she says "A little girl." And that's the end. It's sooo good!

Favorite Christmas song?
CD: "Christmas in Dixie" by Alabama. I love that song. And what's really weird is that I was in Greenville (North Carolina) and I had just moved there and a line in the song says "In Jackson, Mississippi, to Charlotte, Caroline" And I just lost it. I'm not, like, unstable emotional, but I'm emotional. I missed my family at that time a lot. Hearing that song meant a lot.

What was your worst hair related experience?
CD: Ugh! When I was in Erie, Pennsylvania. The station I worked at had a trade with a salon and this lady did not know what she was doing. She just picked up my hair and cut it straight across. I looked like a boy. She did highlights through a cap and she left it on for, like, 15 minutes too long so I had, like, white streaks. So I had to go pay to have someone else fix it. I was in a new place, 17 hours from home, away from everything that I knew, and I was terrified. It was a very, very disturbing experience because to me hair can make or break you. I love hair and make-up.

What shampoo do you use?
CD: Aveda. It's made from all natural products.

What do you remember most about the year 1986?
CD: How old was I? 11? I don't know. I'm so bad with years. I have no idea. Is that when the Challenger exploded? I remember '95. That's when I graduated high school. That was in April when the Oklahoma City bombing happened. I remember that because I was in the library of Starkville Academy in Starkville, Mississippi.

Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?
CD: That's hard because they're both so beautiful. Sunset is so nice, but sunrise is just glorious because it's the coolest time of the day. It's so beautiful. It's so much calmer. It's quieter then. So, I would say sunrise.

What posters did you have on your wall as a kid?
CD: None. I had a friend that had Kirk Cameron everywhere. I guess that was enough for me. (Laughs)

What's your favorite sport?
CD: I like college football and professional football. I love college basketball… especially the playoffs. I love to watch tennis on TV and in person. Baseball, I like it in person, not on TV.

Favorite female tennis player?
CD: I really like Lindsay Davenport. Venus and Serena (Williams) are just amazing. Chris Evert, too. She was good in her time.

Favorite female country artist?
CD: Faith Hill / Dixie Chicks. I love the Dixie Chicks. Me and my girl friends would karaoke them like no other! "Earl Had To Die," "Sin Wagon." Give us a microphone!

Male country artist?
CD: I love Tim McGraw. Garth Brooks. I love that Darryl Worley song "Second Wind." I love that song. Like, it's not just that I love it, I LOVE it!

Play an instrument?
CD: I tried to play the flute. I can't read music. I don't have the patience. My parents did not make me take piano. That is one thing I do wish I could play.

What would you be if you weren't a broadcaster?
CD: I would probably be into voice animation. I would love to do voiceovers because people wouldn't see me. I think you can get so much more from someone's personality than you can from their looks.

Thanks for talking Off The Air with
CD: Anytime.

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