Couple arrested again on meth charges

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A Jackson County couple arrested earlier this month on meth charges are in trouble again.

Lee Box, 41, and Stacey Box, 30, were arrested Sunday night after Narcotics Task Force agents and Jackson County Sheriff's investigators say they found the pair trying to destroy a meth lab.

Earlier this month, Lee and Stacey Box, along with homeowner Robert "Porky" Ladnier, were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine at Ladnier's home in Helena. That's where the couple was found again Sunday night.

Stacey Box had originally been allowed to bond out, while Lee Box was enrolled in a drug rehab facility in north Mississippi. Investigators say Box recently feigned a heart problem and was back on the coast to supposedly see a doctor.

Both were arrested again and charged with a second count of Manufacturing Meth. If convicted, the two face fines up to $2 million and 60 years in prison.