Convicted rapist back in MS

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) -  The Catahoula Parish Sheriff's Office in Harrisonburg, Louisiana has told WLOX on Sunday morning that convicted rapist Leslie Bowlin was been transferred back to Mississippi. A sheriff's department supervisor said the Mississippi parole board picked up Bowlin on Saturday morning after Bowlin's overnight stay Friday in the parish jail. The supervisor said he was not sure where in Mississippi that Bowlin had been transferred.

Bowlin , a convicted sex offender, had been sentenced to life plus 25 years in 1991 for kidnapping and raping a Mississippi State University student.

On Friday Governor Haley Barbour revoked a 90-day pass he had given to Bowlin to stay with his parents in Louisiana.

Louisiana officials say they had no idea Bowlin had returned home until he reported to the  the Catahoula Parish Sheriff's Department.