Curbside recycling picks up in Jackson County

Moss Point, MS (WLOX)-- Empty milk jugs and old cans from Christmas parties across Jackson County are going to good use. The products are being picked up curbside and recycled.

"It is easy for you to put it out on the curbside than to put it in your trunk and drop it off at a drop off point."

Delta Sanitation manager Darrin Hutchins says he has the numbers prove it. In November,  Delta workers collected nearly four hundred thousand pounds of recyclable products. The recycling boost is decreasing trips to the landfills.

"There is only so much ground you can fill and we are running out of space."

Worker Jonathan Shoemaker makes it a habit to recycle, because he says he wants to help the environment not harm it.

"Plastic takes years and years to decompose, and recycle paper save trees," Shoemaker said.

Delta Sanitation Workers say resource conservation is the key to a cleaner South Mississippi.

"It only takes a minute to wash out a bottle and throw it in a container to put it out ."

Delta Sanitation says Ocean Springs leads other cities and the unincorporated area of Jackson County in recycling.