Pass Christian Harbor Braces For Lili

Luke Toler tied down his shrimp boat. And then he looked for the latest hurricane forecast, to see if the boat should be moved out of the Pass Christian harbor.

"Once I get it around back, I'm not concerned at all," said Toler. "Here in the harbor though, there's a lot of concern about that. That's the reason everyone leaves."

During Isidore, Mark Mims learned the hard way what happens to a boat left at the harbor.

"Another boat got loose, got up into the side of it and broke it loose," Mims said, pointing to a dent in his boat.

To ride out Lili without suffering more dents and scratches, Mims moved his 30 foot sailboat to a dock up against the Pass Christian harbor's seawall.

"We couldn't get up under the bridge over there. So there was really nothing we could do in such a short period of time," said Mims.

Several boaters ran into the same problem. The Bayou Portage bridge near Pass Christian is broken. So Harrison County wouldn't let the drawbridge open and close. That meant boats couldn't get there here to safer docking areas.

Pat Renegar was one of the boat owners who had to tie down his boat at his Pass Christian dock instead of sailing it to safety.

"They couldn't raise it," Renegar said, referring to the Bayou Portage bridge. "I guess we're stuck."

Pass Christian implemented a harbor curfew effective at sunset. The city's fire chief said he didn't want people wandering around the piers, especially since the harbor still had storm damage from a week ago.

According to chief Rich Marvil, "We've got some unsafe spots down in the harbor. We don't want anybody to come down here and get hurt, or anything else happening."