Hungry South Mississippi families get hot meals delivered to their door

Gulfport, MS (WLOX)--The sound of Christmas carols echoed off the walls of Bayou View Middle School Thursday morning. More than six hundred volunteers sang and packed turkey, dressing, and of course sweets.

"You got to have this pie," Volunteer said.

The food is going to needy families across Harrison County.

"Get a plate, fill the plate up, and bring the plate to the table," volunteer Jimmy Jonhson said.

Shawn Watson was among the early birds lending a helping hand.

"Even when we can't give money or material things we can give our time," Watson said.

Time is definitely something David Ornseby knows about, for the past few years he's spent Christmas filling styrofoam plates with food for the less fortunate.  Ornseby says he doesn't mind giving up a few hours out of his holiday.

"Those of us who are fortunate enough and don't have to worry where our meals are coming from, or where our next pay check is going to come from, think it is important to give back to the people having those troubles," Ornseby said.

Two thousand plates were delivered to hungry people on the coast, that's five hundred more people than last year. With every plate delivered a lot of love is coming with it.

"I wish it wasn't so many, but we will feed 10 thousand if we have to," Ornseby said.

Volunteer John Johnson agrees, he says today's crowd of helpers reflects the true spirit of giving in South Mississippi.

"We are not the riches state, but we are the caring state."

The Sam's Club Company donated a four thousand dollar check to help feed the needy.