Balmy Christmas weather greets South Mississippi

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX)- South Mississippi weather went from heaters to air conditioners in the course of a week.

No need to worry about frigid temperatures or wind chill factors this Christmas.  Southern breezes and balmy weather will usher in the holiday.

Playing golf in December is a winter pleasure many residents of the deep South take for granted.

Talk to someone from Wisconsin.

"It was about ten below and we had already gotten 40 inches of snow and it just keeps on snowing," said Tina Bonham.

She and her family were enjoying the mild temperatures.

"It's beautiful, yeah. We're in tee shirts. We love it."

We met the Bonham family during a golf game at the Great Southern Club. There will be no white Christmas this year; the family is on its way to Florida.

"You like it the first couple times it snows. And then it kind of wears out its welcome after awhile. Cause it's a long, long winter," said Bonham.

In South Mississippi, it's a great morning for golf.

"Oh, I love it to tell you the truth. Except for the rain out there for a few minutes. But other than that, it was great," said Charles Montilla of Ocean Springs.

Playing golf on Christmas Eve is something Montilla can use to make his transplanted daughter a little envious. j

"My daughter is up there in Pittsburgh. She's froze in.  Yeah, she's froze in.  Oh, she's a Mississippi girl born down here. So she wants to get back," he said.

Maurice Knight and his boys are headed back to Atlanta after a family visit to Baton Rouge. They took advantage of the balmy weather for a little short sleeved sight seeing at the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor.

"Oh, this is wonderful weather. We kind of like to stay down here, cause it's short sleeves. When we left Atlanta it was 17 degrees," said Knight.

Nothing close to freezing in our Christmas forecast. Perfect for a stroll along the beach, if you can see through the holiday fog.

Parts of the north are getting a bit of a respite from the cold. The forecast in Chicago called for a Christmas Eve high of 34 degrees, much warmer than the single digit temperatures the city has recently endured.