Hero saves small girl from Pit Bull attack

BILOXI (WLOX) - WLOX News has found the man who saved a 6 year old girl's life after she was attacked by a pit bull.

It happened last week after school at a ballfield on 28th Street in Gulfport.

After our story aired last week about the Pit Bull attack... the child's parents said they wanted to find the man who rescued their daughter, so they could say "thank you".

Well today they had that chance, they met him and shook the hand of their South Mississippi Hero.

Katie Jarmen says, "He's good cause he saved me."

6 year old Katie Jarmen had a big hug waiting for the man who saved her life during a vicious pit bull attack last week. Her Mom says during their after school walk home, out of nowhere a dog they had never seen, bit her child's arm and wouldn't let go.

Her Mom Peggy Weldon says, "It got her once and then it got her again, like he was thrashing his mouth back and forth, that's what broke her bones."

Katie's Mom says she tried to fend him off by throwing her shoes at him, but the dog was coming back a third time to attack her bleeding child again. Just then she says, a red truck pulled up right in between them and the out of control dog. An unknown man jumped out... and saved them both.

Katie says, "He got out of the truck and got me and put me in the truck."

A week after the attack, they got to meet that man, their hero Thomas Wedgeworth of Gulfport.

Wedgeworth says, "I got out of the truck, didn't even think about it, and ran over to them and picked her up and put her in the truck."

Tommy is a father of two little girls himself and gets choked up when he recalls how badly Katie's tiny arm was injured.

Wedgeworth says, "I remember looking at the child's arm and couldn't believe it it was just mortified that she was bleeding that bad. You could pretty much see the bone it was all the way down to the bone."

Her mom says, "I thought she was gonna bleed to death, she had so much blood pouring out of her arm."

Katie has had one surgery so far and will probably need more. But for now, she's well enough to open the presents Tommy's daughters picked for her, but she had picked out some special gifts for him too. He was very appreciative.

But all the thanks in the world they say belong to Mr. Wedgeworth. Katie's Dad Mike Jarman couldn't wait to meet the man who saved his precious child's life.

Mike Jarman says, "I was just so hoping that after all this calmed down, that I could talk to the guy and i'm glad i'm able to now."

And when they did meet, all anyone could say was thank you.