Pascagoula skateboarders settling in to new home

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Gunner Bullock might look small, but he's one avid skate boarder.

"It's fun," said the eight year old.  "And you go on ramps and you go fast."

Especially for a youngster like Gunner, it's hard to find safe places to practice skate boarding.  His father, also named Gunner Bullock, remembers learning to skate when he was younger, and it wasn't easy.

"When I was growing up, I really had to struggle. They didn't have such thing as a skate park you know, for you to go to," he said.  "You had to find a spot wherever it was, and usually there was an angry person following."

At the new skate park in Pascagoula, Gunner gets to skate side by side with people of all ages. He can practice his new skills safely and learn from people with more experience.

That's essential to any young skate boarder, because the tricks you see here at the park can only be mastered with practice.  The chance to get that practice in Pascagoula is priceless to many of the people skate boarding.

"It means everything really. We don't have to worry about any cops, it's not a bad neighborhood so we don't have to worry about that. We can come to a place that's designated for skate boarding," said Joey Robins.  "We come here, do what we want, we can leave and come back.  We don't have to worry about being harassed by anybody."

"You need a place where you can come and get used to it like home," said Cruze Martinez, who drove from Gulfport to try out the new park.  "You need a place where you can skate every day and know what you're limited to and what you're not limited to."

South Mississippi skate boarders are already settling in to their new hangout.

"Honest I think it's going to keep a lot of kids out of trouble," said Martinez.  "It's new stuff to skate, new stuff to try."

The new skate park is located in I. G. Levy Park on Chicot Street in Pascagoula.