Ocean Springs looking at traffic cams to catch red light runners

OCEAN SPRINGS (WLOX) - Ocean Springs city officials are giving some serious consideration to installing traffic cameras at some of their busiest intersections.

Alderman Greg Denyer is one of the elected leaders looking into the idea.

"it is an issue in the city, a real safety issue for the people of Ocean Springs," Denyer told WLOX news.

One of the intersections Denyer is concerned about is highway 90 and Hospital Road.

While WLOX news was there, we saw several cars and trucks run the red light.

According to Denyer, "We have to do something, our citizens are getting hurt. Every day we have three or four accidents in this city."

Another location where Denyer would like to see a traffic camera is the intersection of 90 and Washington Avenue.

The cameras would cost the city of Ocean Springs nothing. The company that the city would buy them from, would pay for the cameras, as well as their installation and maintenance.

The company would recoup its money by charging the city a small percentage of traffic tickets that result from the cameras.

Denyer thinks the idea could become reality as soon as this spring.

By Jeff Lawson