Isidore Closes A Favorite Restaurant

Blow Fly owner Scott Weinberg says he sort of had a feeling of deja vu Friday morning when he saw his restaurant full of water. Four years ago Hurricane Georges blew through leaving four feet of water inside the Blow Fly. Nearly a week after it closed, the Blow Fly is completely gutted inside and wet carpet still covers the floor.

Employees clean equipment outside in the parking lot so it can be re-installed. Until then, everything is being temporarily stored in U-Haul trucks.

"We're havin' to rip out all the walls way up to about four feet, rip out all the insulation, take all of our equipment out and we're gonna lose probably a good bit of equipment. We're gonna salvage what we can," says Weinberg.

Weinberg's employees are volunteering to help him do that. Getting the restaurant back in business is important to them too.

"We wanna hurry up and return to work and the longer we sit around the longer we would have to wait to do that and we all need our jobs right now, close to Christmas. We all have children and we need to work," says Helen Bailey.

This is the second time in four years that flooding has damaged the restaurant. You might think Weinberg would consider moving to higher ground, but he says that's not an option.

"It's part of bein' on the water and the Blow Fly's a very unique place and we enjoy and our customers and staff enjoy comin' to work everyday cause we get to overlook beautiful Bayou Bernard, so we've got a great view and it just wouldn't be the same without our view."

Weinberg isn't taking any chances though. He says he's not going to put anything back in the restaurant until Hurricane Lily passes. The restaurant is expected to open November 1st.