Volunteers Deliver Hundreds Of Meals To Storm Victims

Rich, red ravioli simmers in a huge pot, and the corn is bubbling. The volunteers with the Mississippi Southern Baptist Convention cook up quite a feast everyday to help storm victims.

Volunteer Ronald Ferrell said "We've been serving between 1,000 and 1,500 meals. 500 in the mornings and 500 in the evenings".

Once the food is ready, American Red Cross volunteers prepare to deliver the meals. Eloise Knight said "Anybody that needs its, gets it. All they have to do is be there, or ask".

As the Emergency Response Vehicles roll up, volunteers load up the food, then hit the road. The volunteers go door-to-door, and deliver dozens of meals along their routes. Eloise Knight said "The idea is to get people back on their feet as quickly as possible, so they can get back to a normal life".

This program also helps needy families and people like Ellen Martin, who can't walk or drive. Ellen Martin of Delisle said "It helps me fine because I don't be feeling like cooking like I used to.  I got too old I guess. I think the food tastes really good".

91-year old Helen Dedeaux said "Oh, it's great to get a free meal. It's great for me, because I don't have to fix anything for me".

While the residents get a hot, satisfying meal, the volunteers also get a warm feeling in their hearts. Eloise Knight said "It's very rewarding to go home and figure that you've given someone a helping hand".

If you need food delivery assistance, or know of someone who does, you can call the American Red Cross at this toll-free number: 1-866-GET-INFO, that's 1-866-438-4636.