Local restaurants need you

To all Mississippi Coast residents: As the holidays approach, I want to take just a moment to offer a most sincere debt of gratitude to the loyal customers who have made the Mississippi Gulf Coast restaurant industry so strong. The local restaurant industry, like most others, is feeling the effects of the weak economy.

Restaurants operate on slim profit margins. Over the course of the past year, insurance, labor and food costs have increased dramatically. These increases have mostly been absorbed by restaurant owners. The result is that many are now feeling the effects and may be forced to consider closing their doors for good.

Unfortunately there is no bail out plan for restaurants. There are no money trees or loans from the government. There is only our most valued asset, our customers. So while restaurant owners know you are feeling economic pain, there isn't one of us that wouldn't appreciate seeing you walk through the doors of our restaurant this holiday season.

The restaurant industry needs your help now more than ever. Remember by patronizing the locally owned and operated restaurants you are helping to make a difference in our local economy as well as supporting the people who donate their time and resources to improving the entire Gulf Coast. Thank you, and have a happy and safe holiday season!

Scott Weinberg
Vice President MHRA
Blow Fly Inn