Page 13: Bible comes to life in south Alabama with help from Katrina debris

THEODORE AL (WLOX) - David Hamilton from Theodore, Alabama has a passion for history and the Bible.

Hamilton has opened what he calls the Mishkan Galleries.

Mishkan is the Hebrew word for tabernacle. The tabernacle was a portable temple from the Holy Land in Biblical times.

Inside Hamilton's museum you'll find his Katrina Gallery. David traveled to New Orleans after the storm and sifted through the rubble looking for material to use to turn into reproductions of artifacts from the Bible. "I was looking past the tragedy and looking for treasures" says Hamilton.

The Alabama man collected debris, cleaned it up and built religious artifacts out of the bible. Hamilton says "These pieces turn tragedy into triumph".

You can go to David Hamilton's web site, for more information on this wondrous place.