Hancock County Says Cleanup Takes Teamwork

Picking up the pieces from Isidore has become a collaborative effort. Many Hancock County residents are still cleaning up the storm left behind.

Over the years there have been many family gatherings at the Frischherdz summer home in Bay St. Louis sometimes with as many as 70 kin showing up. However, Saturday was a different kind of get together. Instead of party favors, relatives picked up brooms and mops went to work repairing the damage done by Tropical Storm Isidore.

Roy Frischherdz said "We just kind of pulled together and everybody realizes they got a job to do and we have a mess on our hands just like a lot of other people."

Jack Ferril runs a company that cleans up storm damage. He says so far tidying up after Isidore has turned into a tall order.

"We done hauled three big trailer loads off this yard already," said Ferril. "This one yard, we've been here for two days."

Ferril says such a large job takes a lot of hands working together.

Ferril said "It takes a lot of team effort and everything. But I have some good people and they really stick together. Whether I'm here or not, they know what to do. They gonna do whatever it is and we do what's right to help the owners or whoever we're working for."

Hancock County road crews work for the public. After 72 hours of fixing washed out roads and bridges things are finally settling down, they're looking forward to some relaxation.

"I'm proud of my crews," said Roger Ladner, Hancock County Road Manager. "We worked hard and worked right on through the night. We're all exhausted. We've been up since the hurricane started making sure the public was safe."

Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo says he's pleased with the way Hancock County agencies have worked together before during and after the storm. He says he's looking forward to finishing the clean up and getting back to life as normal.