Bridge Traffic After Storm Frustrates Drivers

It's close to noon time, and the Popps Ferry Drawbridge opens up once again, forcing dozens of cars to come to a stand still. The traffic tie-up tests many drivers' patience.

New Orleans Resident Millie Quick said "I think it's ridiculous. I think they could have done this at 5:00 this morning, when they wouldn't have everyone waiting".

Elaine Hardy of D'Iberville is desperately trying to get across the bridge. Her daughter has a doctor's appointment in Biloxi. Hardy said "She's pregnant and we're trying to get her over to the doctor for him to check to see if she needs to go over to the hospital and deliver the baby, and we can't get over. She's due any moment now".

Drivers also face the same traffic jams on the I-110 bridge. Kathy Westover of Biloxi said "We had to do a U-turn on the other bridge because it was closed and backed up, so we come around here trying to get to Biloxi, and this one's open too".

Bridge tenders began opening the drawbridges at 8:00 Friday morning to allow boats that have been seeking safe harbor from the storm to pass underneath. Bridge Tender Donnie Adams said "Anytime we have a storm come in, such as Georges or Isidore, it gets pretty hectic".

Although it aggravated some drivers, others decided to get out of their cars and enjoy the view. Rick Maddox of Gulfport took a few pictures of the parade of boats.

Maddox said "I was trying to figure out why everybody stopped and I started seeing the big, tall parts of the boats coming through. They look pretty neat. Those guys are trying to get back to work just like I am, so I can wait on them".

Bridge tenders wish everyone would be so understanding. Donnie Adams said "I've been getting lots of dirty looks, not from the boat captains, but from drivers. At least I haven't been shot at or had a beer bottle thrown at me".

County drawbridges will go up every hour, on the hour, to allow boats to pass. State drawbridges will open whenever there's a line of boats waiting to move across. Transportation officials say expect more bridge openings and traffic delays through Saturday.