Last of sewer lines headed to Biloxi's Eagle Point

By Danielle Thomas - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Some Biloxi residents may soon enjoy some of the same city services as their neighbors just down the road. This week the city council will vote on whether to award a $766,843 to bid to install sewer in part of the Eagle Point community.

Jerry Richards lives in Eagle Point in the part that is still relying on septic tanks.

"Right now I've got two septic tanks," said Richards. "Sometimes they give me trouble. Sometimes they don't."

Biloxi city officials say they hope residents will start to see new sewer lines going in as early as late January. The hope is to not only help homeowners, but also spark more business development in the area.

"What's significant about this is that it's a milestone in our work, out in that area," said Biloxi spokesperson Vincent Creel. "Because this is one of the last areas that did not have city sewer services in the Eagle Point area. So, by completing this, we are going to be in a good position to move up Highway 67. Design work is being done north of the Interstate on Highway 67 right now."

Jerry Richards says and his grandson Joseph love to go fishing in Biloxi River just behind the house. Richards says even though he has concerns about perhaps having to sell some of his land for a pumping station and the cost of sewage fees, he believes sewer lines will be better than septic tanks in the long run.

Richards said, "They tried to get a lot of these things away from the river. Mine don't run in the river, but there might be some out there that does."

"I was raised on the river and enjoyed it," said Richards. "And I hope my grandkids can enjoy it."

Biloxi officials say the sewer installation in Eagle Point is a 150-day project.