Hit and run driver strikes Ocean Springs school bus

Ocean Springs, MS (WLOX)--The huge dent on the left side of bus number 69 shows the point of impact where Police say Jerrod Kostmayer's car slammed in to the bus. Twenty-one elementary and high school students were on board,  but luckily weren't hurt.

Just moments before the wreck, police say Kostmayer was at a convenience store near Becthel and Government Street .

"We were informed that there was a suspect, a drinking driver, weaving on the road and one of our officers was looking for the vehicle. The driver came out of the parking lot of Bao Wow and hit the bus," Public Relations Officer Michael Pol said.

Public Relations Officer Michael Pol says Kostmayer just kept going after the collision until an officer pulled him over about a block away near Halstead Road.

"He was brought to the station an offered a test, and according to the officers he refused the test," Pol said.

Pol says it's not rare to have a DUI arrest at 6 a.m., especially during the holidays.

"Not only could you kill yourself, but you can kill innocent people as well."

So far, Ocean Springs Police Officers have arrested 160  people for DUI, that's almost one person every other day. Police say they will continue to beef up patrols to keep the streets safe.

"We want to protect the school buses and the valuable cargo they bring to school everyday."

Police say hopefully this accident and arrest remind all drivers that drinking and driving will not be tolerated in Ocean Springs.

Jerrod Kostmayer is being held at the Ocean Springs Jail on a 15 hundred dollar bond.