Consider organ donation

We were touched recently by the decision of Ladell and Deborah King to donate the organs from their 11 year old son who died of a brain aneurysm. By donating Cameron's organs, the Kings helped so many others.

Ladell and Deborah said they wanted to donate Cameron's organs because it is what he would have wanted them to do. Cameron's organs went to eight different individuals. Among those helped were a 14 year old girl who needed a lung transplant and an eight year old boy who needed a liver.

Cameron's parents say that knowing Cameron was able to help others gives them the strength to continue living. Of course no one wants to lose a loved one, but, we should all consider following the King's example should that loss occur.

Each one of us needs to take time and think about becoming an organ donor. Here in Mississippi the best way to go about donating organs is to let your family members know your wishes.

The King family says Cameron touched countless lives in his short life. In death, they are pleased to say he continues to help others.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager