MS Coast Coliseum tops off its convention center expansion

By Danielle Thomas - bio | email

BILOX, MS (WLOX) -  A major milestone in a multi-million dollar construction project. On Wednesday, the Mississippi Coast Coliseum held a topping off ceremony for its new convention center expansion. Coliseum director Bill Holmes say the decision to use paperless sheet rock will allow work to continue under extreme humidity and rainy weather. Holmes says in these tough economic times, the sooner the work is done the better.

"Once the convention center is expansion goes on line it's going to give us 4,000 square feet to market to the world," said Holmes. "That's going to help us extremely while the economy is down because of the fact that we can get more groups in here that probably wouldn't otherwise come because of the tightness of the economy, the tightness of their travel budget. But when they're coming to meetings or conventions, it's almost a mandatory thing that they have to go out so this expansion is going to mean a great deal to stabilizing the market into the future."

Holmes continued "We're really excited about that. The tourism commission, the coliseum commission sales staffs understand that we have really got to go out. We've got to punch this thing hard. Harder than we've done in the past."

The general contractor, Yates Construction, says the current phase of work is ahead of schedule for its July completion date.