Mobile Reservoir Opened, Flood Waters Headed To Jackson County

Residents in the southern part of Jackson County fear Isidore's rains will flood their community the same way Hurricane Georges did, exactly four years ago this week.

One of the main reasons the flooding was so bad was because Mobile officials opened the Big Creek Reservoir in Mobile County, draining it into Escatawpa River. Wednesday, Mobile's water department again opened one of the dam's flood gates to relieve pressure on the dam.

All of that water is now flowing towards south Jackson County, steadily filling several key rivers and creeks as it flows south. Right now flooding in the Pecan and Orange Grove community is mainly over streets, but residents are preparing for the worst.

The Harris family is counting on sand bags to protect their new home from rising waters. The whole family worked throughout the morning to build a small dam around the house.

"We just bought it, and remodeled it, and been living in it for one month. I'm taking a chance of losing it," Charlie Harris said.

The Harris family is hoping to fill another 200 sand bags before the mixture of rain and river water inches any closer to their home.

"Main thing is I wanted to cover my doorways. And I got pumps, so if it comes behind the sand bags, at least I can pump that out," Harris said. "Maybe it won't come too high and get into the house."

The Big Creek Lake dam has six flood gates. Mobile County officials told WLOX News they will let us know if they plan to open any more flood gates.

By: Ken Flanagan