Wind Surfer Welcomes Storm Driven Waves

Boarding up for the storm means something a little different to Rick Falgout.

We found the Alabama man preparing his wind surfing board on the beach front boardwalk in Gulfport.

"The surfers, the wind surfers, this is what we live for 'cause we just don't get these conditions around here that much," said Falgout.

High winds from the approaching storm created near perfect conditions. The minute classes were canceled, this Mobile school teacher knew he'd be riding the wind and waves somewhere.

The Mississippi Sound is just right.

"This is just flat water here, that's all this is. Flat water. No consequences. Just some fun sailing," he explained.

His type of fun often attracts attention. A group of teens from Harrison Central High enjoyed watching him face the elements.

"I think I would do something like that. I think he's nuts for doing it. But I think that would be someone like me doing that," said one teenage girl.

Having fun on the water with a storm coming in is certainly nothing new for Falgout. Isidore marks the 28th named storm he's been wind surfing in.

Some may say he's crazy.  But fellow surfers understand the passion.

"Around here you've got to go for it. When the wind kicks in you've got to make a schedule, get out there and do some wind surfing," he said.

Falgout even changed careers to better accomodate his love of wind surfing.  He became a teacher so he could have summers off.  He now spends his summers wind surfing in places like Puerto Rico.