Isidore Interrupting Air Travel

Mike Kneale is trying to get home to Lincoln, Nebraska. Bad weather forced Northwest to cancel his 3pm flight to Memphis. So Kneale went from one ticket counter to another hoping to catch another flight, he was out of luck.

"The circumstances being unavoidable you really can't get too frustrated because nobody can do anything about it. Obviously I'd like to get going. The question is where do I go from here," says Kneale.

That's a question a lot of passengers asked when Northwest canceled three flights.

Ticket Agent Juanita Molpus says, "We've had fully booked flights and people showing up this morning so we've been trying to reroute but the options are kinda limited. The other airlines here are all full and their flights at this moment are going but that's not certain for tomorrow."

Northwest is rebooking people on Thursday flights. But with Isidore projected to make landfall early Thursday morning, those flights aren't certain either.

"Although we are rebooking people and advising them to call ahead to verify, their flights will possibly be delayed tomorrow," says Molpus.

The airport director says cancellations and delays in this kind of weather aren't unusual.

"The number one thing that causes flight cancellations in this kind of weather is the cross winds that occur and our runways are routed mostly north and south and so a lot of the weather's coming out of the east now so if you get 30, 40 knots of cross winds the aircraft can't land safely so they don't," says Frallic.

Frallic says a lot of people are calling wanting to know if the airport is open. Frallic says the airport will stay open as long as flights are coming and going.