$2,500 Reward offered in Ocean Springs hit and run

By Danielle Thomas - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - There's now a $2,500 reward to find, arrest and convict those responsible for the hit and run the critically injured Frank Leach. The former Jackson County supervisor was run over last month outside his Ocean Springs home. After spending nearly two weeks in the hospital, Leach was released on Friday. Though police have questioned many people so far, no one has been arrested.

Friends hope the reward money will get someone talking. Frank Leach's house on Cherokee Glenn Drive was quiet Monday afternoon. However, over at the Ocean Springs police department, friends of the hit and run victim were ready to speak out. They called  for those responsible for running over Leach to face up to what they've done.

Alwyn Luckey, Leach's friend, said "It's absolutely understandable that parents of high school students or young people would be protective and perhaps afraid of the consequences. But I think the point is this is one of those events where it seems like an accident. The better part of citizenship and doing the right thing is to come forward and admit their guilt. "

Ocean Springs police say a $2,500 reward may be the incentive some people, who may not otherwise come forward, need. In the mean time, police say the investigation is turning from people of interest to suspects.

"A lot of the information is not correct," said Deputy Chief Mark Dunston. "A lot of it is second hand and third hand. A lot of it is diner gossip and school gossip. You know how that goes. What we have as a concrete matter of our investigation is that many of those people of interest have been eliminated. A lot of those people of interest have been narrowed down will be talked to very soon as suspects."

Former city judge Alwyn Luckey says he and his wife Jean were among those contributing to the reward fund.

"We are a quiet, peaceful town," said Luckey. "We do not want to be known as the kind of place where these things happen and are never resolved.

"In the spirit of the holidays we are offering money for people who are willing to come forward and help us put this behind us. "

Ocean Springs police say those involved in the case could face charges of felony hit and run and aggravated assault. If you have any information please call the Ocean Springs police department.