Helping others

Times are tough. You might be struggling to make ends meet, but even so, anyone of us can still make a difference in our community. Two Ocean Springs fourth graders recently showed us just that. All it took was their brain power, a little time, a lot of enthusiasm and their red wagon.

Trevor Davis and Mackenzie Christian went around their Heron Bay neighborhood and asked their neighbors if they could spare some canned food to help feed those in need of a warm meal. Trevor and MacKenzie went to dozens of homes with their little red wagon trailing behind them. After several hours of knocking on doors, they had several loads of canned goods. In fact they collected 405 cans.

This week they took the assortment of goods to The Lord is my Help, a soup kitchen in Ocean Springs. A worker there said the donation was so needed because the soup kitchen's pantry had gotten pretty low.

With the tight economy and recent layoffs even more individuals are in need of food. If all of us would follow the lead of young Trevor and McKenzie, then our soup kitchens would be able to meet the growing demand.

Maybe you don't want to take a wagon around your neighborhood, but you could donate a few can goods each month to help out your fellow man. These two youngsters have made a difference in their community. The question for the rest of us is what are we doing to do?

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager