Tulane Turns To High-Tech Teaching Tools

At the Tulane University College in Biloxi, several professors are using what's called a Smart Board. It's basically an interactive computer screen. Instead of a mouse, you use your finger or a marker to point and click.

The Smart Board can do everything a regular computer can do, from accessing the Internet to doing spreadsheets. At the end of class, the teacher can e-mail all the information on the board to students.

Professor Mark Gottsberger said "All the students at once in a classroom can see what I'm doing, instead of having to do a slide show, which is basically a photograph of an application. I can go up here and work an application with the students, we can all follow along together. It's visual, everyone can see what's going on".

Information Technology Student Lisa Grow said "It works as a real visual aid. I'm able to follow the teacher as he goes along and explains. We're able to do it right here on our computers too, and if you get behind, it's all right there. We can catch up.  You don't feel like you're getting lost in anyway because we're following each step as he takes one too".

Students also like the Smart Board because instead of having to take notes in class, they can store all the information on a disc and take it home. A Smart Board can cost around $5,000.