Warriors bring out community pride

High school football is such an intoxicating sport. When your team does well, the entire community celebrates. That's why there are chills and goose bumps running down the spines of every person who lives north of the Back Bay.

The Warriors are one exhilarating win away from a perfect season. They're one heart stopping victory away from a state championship. Walk through the halls of D'Iberville High School this week, and you can sense the anticipation. Drive through D'Iberville, and you see the community's pride.

Every high school football team enters training camp, determined to win it all. The Warriors are the only south Mississippi team with a chance to reach that goal. So on Saturday night, we're all going to cheer for the black and gold.

Good luck D'Iberville. And thanks for reminding all of us what community pride is all about.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager