Love Bugs Can Ruin Your Car's Paint Job

You might not realize it, but you're car could be in need of some TLC. This is the time of year that love bugs mate. You've probably noticed an huge increase in the little black bugs. They seem to be everywhere you turn and can wreak havoc on your car, especially the paint job.

Car wash professionals say once a dead love bug sticks to your vehicle it can actually cause permanent damage because of the high levels of acidity.

"If you don't keep the front of the car waxed, that's the worst thing you can do cause there's no protection. When you see bug damage on a car it's because it's eaten through the clear coat," Brian Menius with Classy Chassis says.

The best remedy to a ruined paint job is to keep your car waxed to form a layer of protection from the acid. And wash off dead bugs immediately especially after a long trip on the highway.