NAACP Urges People To Vote

The NAACP is urging residents in Harrison County to register to vote. Today marks the 72nd day that 21 year old Jason Whitfield has remained on the beach near the flag display. He says he'll stay there until the confederate flag comes down.

On November 5th residents will have a chance to vote if they want the flag to be removed in a non-binding referendum.Saturday, the NAACP and other Whitfield supporters made it easy for people to register to vote.

Jason Whitfield knows that the November 5th vote on the flag will be a non-binding referendum, but feels that if enough people vote their consciences it will speak volumes. Whitfield says, "this is a time when every needs to voice their opinion so we can see a true representation of the Coast, I don't personally believe that the majority of Coast citizens want to see a flag of this nature flying, but if no one votes than no one knows."

If you would like to register to vote for the November 5th election, it must be before October 5th. There will be voter registration forms at the eight flags display around the clock and the WJZD van will be on Main Street in Biloxi Monday September 23rd from 4-6 p.m.

All you need to register to vote is a valid Mississippi driver's license.