Long Beach Woman Gets 20 Years For Assaulting Husband

A Long Beach woman faces 20 years in prison for assaulting her husband to the point of paralyzing him. It took a Harrison County jury less than an hour to find Melissa Smith Favre of Long Beach guilty of aggravated assault. A judge gave Favre a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. Melissa Favre was convicted of hitting her husband Steven Favre in the head with a large hammer as he slept back in December of 1997.

Steven Favre says he's spent nearly five years waiting for justice. He says after less than 48 hours of marriage the woman he loved, his wife Melissa, attacked him. He's happy about the guilty verdict..especially since the first trial ended in a hung jury. Family and friends were at the Harrison County Courthouse to support Steven Favre on Saturday. Because of the assault Steven is completely paralyzed on his left side and unable to walk. The 33-year-old expects to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. He and his family say they feel they've been betrayed by someone they trusted.

"You don't do nothing to hurt the one who loves you," said Steven Favre. "In the long run the good Lord will make you pay for it."

Steven's sister Pamela Favre said "For you to suspect that someone who supposedly loves your family who'd even think about doing something like this is unthinkable and then to know that she actually did do this there's no words to describe how we feel as a family."

The case ended in a mistrial last December but not this time.

Assistant District Attorney Larry Bourgeois said "All the evidence pointed to her. The doors were locked. She had a cut that she made known to certain people that if you weren't there you wouldn't have that information."

Steven and Melissa Favre had been married only a few days prior to the attack but had dated on and off for several years. They have a child together.