Children Help Fill Soup Kitchen Pantry

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX)-They pulled their little red wagon through the neighborhood the day before Thanksgiving, collecting cans of food for the needy.

And on Monday morning, two fourth grade friends from Ocean Springs took an early morning trip to the local soup kitchen.

They delivered the goods at sunrise, just before school. Trevor Davis and Mackenzie Christian happily helped unload box after box of canned goods.

"It feels really good to donate cans and food to homeless people that will get a whole lot of food," said a smiling Trevor.

You'll recall their heart warming story of showing the true Thanksgiving spirit. Two kids, one wagon and hundreds of Heron Bayou neighbors to solicit for holiday donations.

Monday morning these good friends got a close-up look at the pantry shelves they'll help re-stock.

"It makes me feel glad that all those people are going to get a lot of food. And they're not going to be hungry," said Mackenzie.

"And my goal was to collect at least 400 cans. And as of today, we've collected at least 405 cans. So, we got over our goal," said Trevor.

Donations are welcome anytime at "The Lord is My Help",  but the gift from the children is especially timely. With the ailing economy and local layoffs, the soup kitchen is busier than ever.

"We needed help. Because we got down pretty low. With kids and adults working with us and bringing stuff in, it sort of builds us back up a little bit so we can feed the needy," says soup kitchen worker, Ray Buxton.

Buxton says the gracious effort of the two young friends should be an example to others. If everyone followed their lead, soup kitchen shelves would never go bare.