Man builds electric car in his backyard

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

GAUTER, MS (WLOX)- It's a fact of life. You can't hit the road without a tank of gas.  But one South Mississippi man is breaking his dependence on the pump.  Norman White spent four months and thirty two hundred dollars buying a gas guzzling pickup truck and turning it into a rechargeable machine.

"Plug it in overnight; drive it in the morning," White said about his new creation.

"Gas prices were getting ridiculous," White said.  "For what you put into one vehicle to drive twelve thousand miles in a year, I was easily able to buy all the parts, and here we go."

You would expect to find a motor under the hood of most cars, but with White's electric truck, there's a huge empty space where the motor should be.  That's because it's powered completely by golf cart batteries located in the back of the truck.  And this glorified green buggy packs enough power to hold its own on the open road.

"Most golf carts are thirty six to 48 volts; this one just happens to be 72 volts," White said about his electric truck.

White looks forward to saving some extra money by switching his ride to electric.

"This will never need an air filter, an oil change, spark plugs, spark plug wires or a tune-up," White said.

Most important of all, he'll never have to buy gas again.  His truck only costs sixty cents every time he charges it, and can go up to forty miles between charges.  That means he spends roughly two cents for every mile he drives.

He's also helping the environment, by reducing his eco-footprint.  He says most cars drop 19 pounds of pollution per mile. White's truck barely produces any.  He doesn't think he's the only one ready to go electric.

"You'll find more people that are interested in doing this than you realize," he said.

Norman White's insurance company has promised to insure his new electric truck. As soon as the insurance processes, the truck will become White's every day car.