Firefighters working the Thanksgiving shift

By Jon Kalahar

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - While we're at home enjoying time with family and friends, there are those who are still on the job. Some Jackson firefighters are in the middle of a 24 hour shift this holiday.

A slow day here at station six is a good day for the firefighters, that means no fires, no one's in trouble and they don't have to put their own lives in danger. It's even better on Thanksgiving. They can sit down and enjoy a laid back meal with their second family. But once the table's set and the food's blessed watch out.

Chief Johnny Bass said, "It's not the normal traditional thanksgiving meal but it's pretty good." They do have the traditional green beans and dressing, but no turkey on this table.

Still, everyone leaves stuffed. For four year veteran Shannon Jackson, this lunch is about more than just food.

"It means a lot, it means that we all made it another day and we're all safe, it's a good thing," Jackson said.

Jackson and his fellow firefighters say there's nothing special about what they do. They just love their job.

"It's just a job that has to be done. It feels good to be that person that others can depend on," Jackson said.

For 29 year fireman, Bass, he feels blessed to do his job everyday. "Personally I just love being a firefighter, always loved being a firefighter, enjoy what I do, it's not too bad of a sacrifice," Bass said.

Even though they have to work this Thanksgiving holiday, they're thankful to have this job and thankful to be able to protect this city and for that we should all be thankful.