Supervisors & Mayor Debate Over Money

Biloxi wants Harrison County to pitch in money to improve the tennis courts in Hiller Park, help build ball fields at the new sportsplex and widen Wells Drive. Mayor A.J. Holloway says Biloxi deserves the help because Biloxi pays millions of dollars in taxes to the county.

"The City of Biloxi last year put over 17-million dollars in property taxes to the county so I just want the citizens of Biloxi to get what they deserve in projects from those funds," says the Mayor.

Supervisor Bobby Eleuterius says Biloxi gets more than a fair return for its tax dollars.

"Biloxi in fact does pay a large majority of taxes in this county but we also spent a lot of money, in the millions within the city as we did recently with the 12 million dollar bond issue to help 'em with Popps Ferry, Caillavet and Bayview."

Eleuterius says he hasn't spoken personally with the mayor.

"But the mayor knows my phone number, if he wants an answer all he has to do is call me or get in his SUV and driver over here," says Eleuterius.

Holloway says he called Eleuterius about the projects but Eleuterius didn't return his call.

None of the projects the mayor proposes are in Eleuterius's district. They're in Connie Rockco's District Five.

"Even though we're in the county unit system I don't go into Miss Rockco's district and start talking about projects within her district. Now if they were in district 1 and they contacted me I'd do my best to work with 'em as I have for the past 20 years," Eleuterius says.

Holloway says he asked both supervisors for help because they both represent Biloxi.

"We can do those without the supervisors help but we can't do 'em all in one year. We'll have to spread 'em out, we'll have to phase 'em in."

Rockco says she told the mayor the supervisors will help, but not with cash.

"We would probably be able to help him with in-kind services and some of the construction work but as far as capital, actual cash outlay, I don't think we have that in the budget this year," says Rockco.

Holloway says he wants to get the work done as quickly as possible and he'll take Rockco up on her offer.

Eleuterius says the county is putting together a comprehensive report itemizing how every tax dollar is spent in the cities and throughout the county.  The report should be finished by October 1st.