Generous youngsters show Thanksgiving spirit

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX)-What began as a class project, quickly grew into a labor of love in Ocean Springs.

Two fourth graders spent the day before Thanksgiving collecting canned goods for the local soup kitchen.

They are next door neighbors and best friends. He's a fourth grader at St. Alphonsus, she's in the fourth grade at Pecan Park.

Wednesday, the two good friends and their sturdy red wagon canvassed their neighborhood to help feed the hungry.

Nine year old Trevor Davis came up with the idea. Naturally he enlisted the help of his good friend, 10 year old Mackenzie Christian.

"Oh, here's some cans, got it? They left it at the doorstep this time," said an excited Trevor, as he grabbed a bag filled with canned goods.

"I almost fell in the wagon! Well, that would have been fun," said a laughing Mackenzie.

Heron Bayou subdivision is the mission field for two children doing their part to erase hunger.

"Hi, do you have any cans to donate to the Lord is My Help?" said the kids, after approaching another door.

"Oh yes," was the reply this time.

These two precocious youngsters have been friends for just a few short months.

"Wow, it feels, oh you're pushing! No wonder it feels lighter," said Mackenzie, as Trevor pushed the wagon from behind.

They're the kind of close friends who seem to finish each others sentences.

"And this is beans! Bean soup," said the girl, as she sorted donated canned goods.

"More chicken. Is that it? That's it," said Trevor.

The two close friends, having so much fun are serious and straight forward about why this neighborhood project is so important.

"I think it's important because we can give to the hungry. Give money to the poor," said Trevor.

"Because we are privileged to have all this food and great houses and friends," his partner Mackenzie added.

"He's not home," she said, as they walked by another home.

"How do you know?" said Trevor.

"His car's not there, he can't fit his car in the garage," Mackenzie explained.

Loud dog barking startled the pair at one house.

"There's two of them! They're big!" said Mackenzie, as they retreated from that particular front door.

"Would you like a bag?" asked one donor.

"No, we can carry it. We've got that wagon," Mackenzie explained.

That wagon quickly fills several times this day before Thanksgiving. They transfer the donations into the trunk of Mom's car.

"It's spinach. Popeye the Sailor Man, Toot Toot!!" said a giggling Mackenzie.

So, just how many cans can a single neighborhood donate?

"Couple of thousand! No, couple of hundred. Couple of hundred. Maybe, it seems like thousands," said the duo.

The tireless team is overwhelmed with their neighbors generosity.

"Thank God for all these giving people, that give all these things," said Mackenzie.

"And have a Happy Thanksgiving," Trevor quickly added.