Frying safety tips

As "turkey fry kits" come down in price, sales are skyrocketing from buyers wishing to deep fry their own turkey, chicken and pork. Also up are incidents of fires, explosions and serious injuries. Holidays through Superbowl are especially critical.

Louisiana's Shade Tree Chef Leo Honeycutt is traveling the country warning consumers about the dangers of major league frying, as well as how to make the experience delicious.

"As the turkey frying craze escalates," says Honeycutt, "people seem to forget they're using a highly volatile gas under pressure.  This inherent danger demands immediate respect."

Here are some outdoor burnner safety tips from Honeycutt.


  • Never place an open-flame burner of any kind inside any building, including the garage;
  • Never place the burner on a wooden deck or near anything flammable;
  • Stabilize the burner on level ground as low as possible;
  • Make sure all propane gas fittings are tight with no leaks;
  • Keep children and pets away from the open flame;
  • Never leave an operating turkey fryer unattended.  NEVER.  Take the TV or radio outside to listen to the game;
  • Never heat oil to above 375-degrees;
  • Never put frozen or partially-thawed meat into boiling oil.  The combination of ice and hot oil could create an explosion and cause oil to boil over and ignite.  Always thaw meat COMPLETELY.