Latest plans to expand Popps Ferry Bridge

By Elise Roberts - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Plans to expand the Popps Ferry area are moving forward. Tuesday night, Ward 4 councilman Mike Fitzpatrick and Ward 6 councilman Ed Gemmill held a public hearing for residents to hear potential plans for a new Popps Ferry Bridge.

The latest plans include a 65 foot bridge that's 200 feet wide, very similar to the I-110 bridge.

The current draw bridge is only 25 feet and it opens at least 10 times a day, creating what some consider a traffic nightmare. The new bridge will allow 95 percent of traffic to pass through and would only open about two times per week.

Some worry construction of the new bridge will hinder travel along Popps Ferry but the latest plans include leaving the current bridge open while the new bridge to its east is under construction.

Residents also raise concerns of loosing their homes. Something engineers say is a real possibility. The current bridge proposal includes expanding Popps Ferry from Pass Road to Riverview Road near the Margaret Sherry Library. 69 families living along that stretch of roadway would be forced to relocate. And while many of those residents agree with the expansion, some are concerned about limited access.

Once the causeway is complete, developers say it will resemble Caillavet Street. There will be four lanes which may include a bike lane and sidewalks.

Right now developers say the plan is still in its very early stages and funding for the $77 million dollar project must be secured.

Here is how that money will be used:


$35.7 BRIDGE



Biloxi Council will vote to send these initial plans to receive federal approval.