See You At The Pole Draws Thousands

An estimated 7,000 teens, parents and teachers were at the Coast Coliseum Wednesday for the "See You At The Pole" rally.

The tradition was started 12 years ago by a group of Texas high school students who took it upon themselves to gather an hour before school to pray. Their message spread throughout the country, then throughout the world. Now millions of young people worldwide pray before school, and in some places, like South Mississippi, after school too.

Teens from across the coast came together to worship God. They ended up having a great time in the process.

Youth Christ minister Brad Holt says, "Today millions of students pray around their flagpoles all around the world. So it all started then and God's just done some amazing things through young people."

The "See You At The Pole" morning prayer at schools and in many cities the "See You At The Pole" night time rallies are held every year on the third Wednesday in September.