3 arrested on meth related charges

SAUCIER, MS (WLOX) - The Harrison County Sheriff's Department have 3 people in custody tonight after police say they were making meth in a Saucier home.

Police began investigating a home on Ladner Street around 8 this morning. Two hours later, they arrested the home's owner 48-year-old Glenda Shonewitz, along with 24-year-old Latasha Clark and 28-year-old Glen Northrop.

Clark and Northrop were living at the home with Shonewitz. All 3 were charged with possession of precursors with intent to manufacture a controlled substance.

Deputies say neighbors had wanted the house cleaned up for some time. Neighbors say the house had become such a nuisance that as police arrested the suspects and began the clean-up process, neighbors actually drove by to thank the deputies for their work.