Security is tight after chaos broke out in courtroom

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Security is tight in a Harrison County courtroom as a jury deliberate whether Larry Minter will be put to death for killing two people. This afternoon, a jury convicted Minter of the shooting deaths of Harold "Bucky" Levron and Christina Suber during the burglary at the couple's Gulfport home in 2006.

After the verdict was read, there was an outburst from onlookers, that led to three arrests. Ray Charles Stapleton, 44-years-old, and two juvenile females were arrested for disorderly conduct.

Before the jury began deliberating Minter's fate in the penalty phase, several family members testified as well as a psychologist and psychiatrist who examined Larry Minter.

C. Gerald O'Brien, clinical and forensic psychologist said that Minter scored high for self depreciation and anti-social behavior. O'Brien diagnosed Minter with an anger problem. "Based on my findings, I think he could have an explosion in any situation; it doesn't matter if he knows the people or not," said O'Brien. He told the jury he thought Minter could be treated with medication and if he had been treated earlier in life, he would not be in this situation now.

Dr. Beverly Smallwood, also examined Minter. She told the jury that Minter told her "I get mad for nothing. I know it's nothing, but I can't control it."

Dr. Smallwood and Dr. O'Brien said they believed Minter knew right from wrong.

Minter's mother Sandra Moore, sister Precious Moore, his girlfriend Claudia Williams each testified about Minter's life with them and told the jury they would visit him in prison if the jury spared his life.